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Hi Everyone, Welcome to NMCLUB.

The Australian Military is respected for the professionalism, integrity and initiative shown by our soldiers and civilians in protecting our nation. In the Australian Army, they offer uniformed and civilian members a range of opportunities to develop interesting and exciting careers. Working for Army is not simply a career choice. As a member you become part of Army family, one that offers encouragement, education and support. Identifying the right career is pretty important for everyone and imagine yourself working for army is almost like a gift given by god. You will be respected and honored by all the nation because of your security services. Also, Its a pride for your parents to be recognized as a parent of army soldiers.


Most of the people think that its not a secured job after service which is not actually true.There are some Trustees who provide amenities to improve the well being of army soldiers through many means, such as loans and holiday facilities.

When you are no longer in service, there are still number of support and ex-organizations that can provide services and support to you and your family. Veteran Associations and Unit Associations are those kind.




Courage, initiative, Respect and Teamwork are the primary values of the army who joins to serve the nation.


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